Your Render, When Cleaned, Will Look Almost Brand New

Benefits of Render & Building Cleaning

Render Cleaning by Certified SoftWash Trained Professionals

When you want your render buildings cleaned,  choose approved render and building cleaning technicians, who have been taught how to apply modern SoftWashing render cleaning mixtures to your contaminated and dirty rendered walls. When cleaned your render will be transformed to almost new condition. The benefits of SoftWashing your rendered walls clean, include:

Gentle Organic Matter & Stain Removal From Rendered Buildings

Protection of Your Building from Render Damage Caused by Moss & Lichen Growth

Increased Property Value & Instant Kerb Appeal Guaranteed

Fresh Looking Walls & Fully Managed  Organic Matter Prevention

When you want your render building’s cleaned, please call

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Render Cleaning Should Only Be Undertaken by Experienced Render Building Cleaned Specialists.

Clean, White & Bright Render

Will Make Your Building Look Phenomenal!

Whatever colour your buildings render is, it can be safely SoftWashed clean by experienced SoftWashing teams, wherever in the UK you want your Render Buildings Cleaned.

Any brand of render can be SoftWashed cleaned including K – Rend, Webber, Monocouche, Sto, Parex in fact any type of through coloured render can have ugly stains and moulds removed.

Choose yourself an experienced certified SoftWashing professional who is proud to see render buildings cleaned and looking beautiful as they did when first built.

Which Type of Render Buildings Cleaned?

  • Apartments
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Homes
  • Leisure and Retail

They can all have clean, fresh looking render.


Pressure Washing Will Only Give Your Building a Haircut

When you are looking for PROFESSIONAL RENDER AND BUILDING CLEANING companies, It is essential that you choose a company which understands how to clean exterior surfaces properly. Choosing a Pressure Washing company WILL NOT give you the results you are looking for. This type of cleaning will only give your surfaces a haircut, and the spores which are left behind will simply grow back thicker and quicker.

Render Buildings Cleaned offer SoftWash Render Cleaning services to your property and will make the render look as good as new. SoftWashing will kill off any micro organic spores which otherwise would be left behind to re-grow.

What Is Render And Building Cleaning?

It is a service that aims at overhauling the entire exterior looks to give the building surface a new appearance. In the UK new buildings require specialised exterior cleaning due to dirt and organic matter growing onto the structures render. When unattended, damaged and dirty renders can make even a new building look like an abandoned ruin. Our Render and Building Cleaning service, using modern SoftWashing techniques and state of the art render cleaning equipment to remove any stains or dirt without destroying the structure, texture or colour of the property. The aim of Render Buildings Cleaned is to provide you with the most phenomenal service experience ever.

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Our Render and Building Cleaning experts only use modern techniques and tools to clean your exterior building walls. We are equipped with the latest SoftWashing and Doff steam cleaning  machines. We are leaders in render and building cleaning services throughout the UK. Our employees undergo examinations to ensure they are fully trained to clean render. Our top render cleaning technicians visit SoftWashapolooza in Orlando each January to ensure their skills are the very best they can be.


Before we start any project, our team embark on comprehensive assessment on all surfaces requiring cleaning to decide on the best approach and tools to use for striking results. We then use the latest specialised tools to ensure a thorough cleaning of exterior surfaces and that your renders are damage-free. We accept all kinds and sizes of buildings including domestic properties, schools, hotels and offices among others.




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